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Latest news: 06-15-2010

Nationwide debate on smurfing, illegal labs heats up

OH - Oregon was in the midst of a methamphetamine war during the early part of this decade, with hazardous meth labs springing up in basements, garages, and kitchens across the state. By 2003, Oregon law enforcement officials were encountering, on average, 39 meth labs each month. To restrict the illegal sales of products containing pseudoephedrine (PSE), the main ingredient needed to produce illegal methamphetamine, Oregon became the first state to pass a law requiring prescriptions for PSE products such as Sudafed and Claritin-D. The result? In a 3-year period following the rule, Oregon reported only 46 meth-lab incidents. Oregon's prescription-only approach practically eliminated its illicit methamphetamine problem, but some pharmacists, consumer groups, and the drug industry describe it as a quick fix that will increase healthcare costs and inconvenience consumers, and they say it won't work nationally as well as electronic sales-tracking systems would.

Full story, from Drug Topics

State finds meth in childrens system, revokes provider's license

NE - The state of Nebraska has revoked the license of a Lincoln child care provider. Megan Neuman, 431 Driftwood Drive, was ordered to stop providing care to any children effective Friday, the day the order was issued. The emergency order was made to protect the "immediate physical well-being and safety" of any child in the child care program, according to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. No other information was available from the department because it is confidential by state law, said HHS spokeswoman Marla Augustine. According to court documents, Neuman's own two children are in state custody. A child neglect case was opened Thursday in Lancaster County District Court involving Neuman, her children and their father, whose name the Journal Star is withholding to protect the names of their children.

Full story, The Lincoln Journal-Star

Man high on crystal meth attacks family with hammer

TN - 68-year-old Rosie Clemmons' mobile home was apparently picked at random early Sunday morning by a suspect whose stolen pickup truck broke down along nearby I-69. "He wanted to use the phone and she said she would call whoever he wanted," said  her cousin, Dorothy Woods.  "By that time he came in on her. Could you imagine that?" Woods found it difficult to believe when she heard Clemmons was hit on the head with a hammer. "I couldn't believe it," she said. "I was just in shock, and it was just a hurting feeling." 32 year-old Michael J. Jackson is not only charged with beating Clemmons, but her 10-year-old and 13-year-old grandsons as well.

Full story, from WMC-TV

Boy left asleep in car while parents got high on meth

CA - A 5-year-old boy was found sleeping in a car early Monday morning while his parents were getting high on methamphetamine in two nearby homes, a Sheriff's Department official said. The boy's parents were arrested. Deputies were investigating a possible vehicle burglary in progress about 2:15 a.m. when they found the boy sleeping in a car parked in the 9100 block of Regal, said Sheriff's Department spokesman Jim Amormino. The boy was alone in the car, Amormino said. Jose Santana, 25, was found in a nearby home high on meth, Amormino said. His wife, Cynthia Franco, 25, was found by deputies in another nearby home. She was also under the influence of meth, he said. The couple was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment and being under the influence of a controlled substance, Amormino said.

Full story, The Orange County Register

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