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Latest news: 06-16-2010

Idaho teen meth use drops 52% from 2007 to 2009

ID - The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's latest youth risk survey shows methamphetamine use among Idaho teens dropped 52 percent between 2007 and 2009. That's compared to a decline of less than 10 percent among teens nationwide. Idaho teen meth use dropped from 6.4 percent in 2007 to 3.1 percent in 2009, the survey found.

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New law capping cold-medicine purchases goes in effect today

LA - Starting today, pharmacies across the state will be required to access a third-party database before selling over-the-counter cold medicine. A new state law passed last year allows pharmacies to use a computerized database that instantly alerts pharmacists to how much medicine containing pseudoephedrine a specific customer has bought in the past month. Ten states, including Louisiana and Mississippi, are now participating in the program.

Full story, The Daily Comet

Teen's anti-meth art carries a personal message

ID - Teens across the state of Idaho are showing their artistic ability and trying to spread the word about the dangers of methamphetamine. Hailey Pomponio of Lewiston is one of those teens. She said she got involved because she wants to help the state realize that meth addiction is a real problem that affects more than the person using. "I've known a lot. I was really close to my uncle and he was on meth and he died of it," said Pomponio. "So I thought it was really important to me that I do this"

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Police seize $10,000 worth of ‘meth oil’

PA - When officers entered a downtown apartment building in search of the highly addictive methamphetamine drug Tuesday night, they found nearly a gallon of "meth oil" worth $10,000 on the street, according to investigators. Agents executed a series of four search warrants on Tuesday night, including Room 112 at the Fallon Hotel, the Confers' apartment, as well as Laubach's apartment, which was allegedly used as the site for a meth lab. Besides the liquid chemical meth or "meth oil," agents seized from Laubach's apartment paraphernalia used to manufacture methamphetamine, including the over-the-counter medication Sudafed, Corbett said.

Full story, The Lockhaven Express

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