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Latest news: 6-17-2009

Author asserts that addiction is voluntary

The idea that addiction is a disease and that addicts do not have control over their disease, has been a pillar of belief of the psychology community for decades. Yet Gene Heyman, a lecturer in psychology at Harvard Medical School, has set off a firestorm by questioning this time-honoured assumption in his new book, Addiction: A Disorder of Choice.

Heyman argues that addiction is very much governed by personal choice and is not an involuntary illness. He says the long-held belief that addicts cannot control their addiction may be well-meaning but is ultimately wrong.

Full story, Canadian Television

Military uncovers one of Mexico's largest meth labs 

Badiraguato, Mexico - The Mexican Navy gave reporters a firsthand look Tuesday at what they described as one of the largest methamphetamine labs ever found in the country, with enough ephedrine to produce more than 40 tons of the drug.

The smell of chemical solvents was overwhelming at the remote mountaintop site in the northern state of Sinaloa, where Navy personnel on patrol last week stumbled across an enormous holding tank they initially thought might be used to water a marijuana plantation.

Full story, the Associated Press

Police officer resigns after drug and gun charges

Pulaski, VA - A Pulaski police officer who was arrested on drug-related charges Thursday in Wythe County faces new charges in Carroll County and has resigned from the police department, officials said today.

Chief Gary Roche said in a news release this morning that Christopher Franklin Bond has resigned, effective immediately.

Full story, The Roanoke Times

Twin ex-teachers receive long prison sentences for meth

South Bend, IN - From her nearby courtroom chair, Maria Stancati's mouth fell open in a gasp as she heard the prison sentence handed down to twin sister Michelle.

Forty years, the judge had said, as Michelle herself began to breathe rapidly and broke into tears.

Full story, South Bend Tribune

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