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Latest news: 6-19-2009

DEA and ICE will work together against cartels

Washington, D.C. - More federal agents will be able to investigate drug cases under a new agreement between government agencies battling Mexican cartels, Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress on Wednesday.

Under a new deal aimed at settling a long-running turf dispute with the Drug Enforcement Administration, more agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement would get authority to investigate drug cases.

Full story, AP News

Dozens of Mexican officials charged with aiding drug traffickers

Mexico City, Mexico - Mexico levied organized crime and drug charges Thursday against seven mayors, the former state attorney general and 19 other officials in the western state of Michoacan for allegedly aiding a drug cartel.

Three other mayors detained in raids across the state May 26 have not been charged, but will continue to be held pending investigations, officials said.

Full story, MSNBC News

Police find 20 lbs. of meth during traffic stop 

Fresno, CA - Fresno County sheriff deputies pulled off a major methamphetamine bust Thursday night. 20-pounds of crystallized meth, known as "ice"... worth a half-million-dollars was confiscated, during a traffic stop at Highway 99 and Mountain View... In southern Fresno County.

Sheriff Margaret Mims said good old fashioned police work got these drugs off the street.


Dealer given life sentence

IN - An Indianapolis man described by federal authorities as a "methamphetamine kingpin" was sentenced Thursday to prison for the rest of his life.

U.S. District Judge Larry J. McKinney sentenced Ivan Rea, 34, to life in prison without parole for conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise, according to U.S. Attorney Timothy Morrison's office.

Full story, The Indianapolis Star

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