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Latest news: 06-24-2010

Methamphetamine trafficking increasing in the borderland

NM - Methamphetamine is a drug increasing in popularity and is known as the drug that you can make with simple household products. “It’s a very addictive drug,” said James Dickens who is the head of the drug division for the Dona Ana County district attorney’s office. “There’s a significant amount of meth users here in Dona Ana County, it’s certainly not something we can ignore.” “It's cheaper than cocaine, and it’s going to give you a longer high than the actual cocaine is,” said Sgt. Mike Alba of the Metro Narcotics Agency in Las Cruces. Both Dickens and Alba said while meth users increase here in the borderland, producers of meth are actually diminishing.

Full story, from KFOX-TV

Deluge of drug-war defendants clogs courts

GA - Gwinnett County’s crackdown on drug cartels has led to a trafficking jam in court. Local-federal task force investigations that resulted in hundreds of arrests have also spawned huge multi-defendant cases that are now clogging the docket. The largest and most daunting of these cases involves 71 defendants who are allegedly connected to the La Familia drug cartel based in Mexico. La Familia controls most of the crystal methamphetamine market in the United States. Last October, authorities seized 174 pounds of crystal meth and arrested 35 people throughout metro Atlanta after raiding a house containing one of the cartel's labs in Lawrenceville.

Full story, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Stores warned about drug sale law

AL - Some small pharmacies and convenience stores are violating a law that regulates the sale of medication that can be used to make methamphetamine. The head of Tuscaloosa’s narcotics enforcement division said that some of the businesses are selling too much of the regulated medication and not keeping track of whom they sell it to. “They’re letting people buy all they want as often as they want,” said Capt. Jeff Snyder, commander of the West Alabama Narcotics Task Force.

Full story, The Tuscaloosa News

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