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Latest news: 7-3-2009

Multi-agency investigation breaks open Washington drug ring

WA - Federal, state and local law enforcement officials have busted a large drug trafficking organization that was bringing methamphetamine and cocaine into Washington from Mexico and operating in parts of Pierce County.

It was the second trafficking organization dismantled in the Puget Sound region by federal and local authorities in less than two years.

Full story, The News Tribune

High caliber and assault weapons turn up in drug ring bust

WA - Federal agents have seized some impressive weapons during a crackdown on a Mexican drug ring operating in Washington state.

In an operation called Arctic Chill that involved 35 search warrants, agents found more than a dozen weapons, including an AK-47-type semiautomatic assault rifle and a .50 caliber Desert Eagle pistol.

An immigration official says the .50 caliber pistol can "blow a hole the size of a Mack truck through a person."

Mexican drug cartels have become known for their violence on both sides of the border. The immigration official says knowing there are meth traffickers on the street carrying .50-caliber handguns or assault rifles "is very sobering."


Woman in wheelchair left behind in escape from meth lab fire

Kalamazoo, MI - When a methamphetamine lab caught fire inside an upper-floor unit at Fox Ridge Apartments on Tuesday, nine people ran, police said.

A 10th person, who was in a wheelchair, was left to fend for herself.

Full story, Kalamazoo Gazette

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