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Latest news: 07-06-2010

Feds focus on meth in Hawaii

HI - Federal immigration and drug prosecutions reflect Hawaii's unique status as the country's only island state as well as its prevalent problem with crystal methamphetamine, a Star-Advertiser analysis of federal sentencing statistics shows. Compared with the national average, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Hawaii prosecutes a lower percentage of immigration cases, but a higher percentage of drug cases with the bulk of the prosecutions dealing with ice. Federal officials agree that the lower percentage of immigration cases results because Hawaii is an island state, which makes it more difficult for aliens to illegally come here.

Full story, The Honolulu Star Advisor

Pharmacists weigh in on new cold medicine law

MS - Alleviating the symptoms of a common cold or allergies will no longer be easy in the state of Mississippi. A new law that took effect July 1 requires a prescription for the sale of over the counter medicines containing pseudoephedrine. "That's actually going to make our job a little easier," said Walnut Square Pharmacist Kenneth Dykes. Dykes said the requirement of screening people who come in off the streets requesting the drug will no longer be an issue. "We don't have to decide if this is a legitimate patient with a legitimate complaint or are they trying to divert this for some other use," he added. Mississippi is one of a handful of states to restrict certain over the counter cold remedies.

Full story, from WDAM-TV

Wis. border communities struggle with meth

WI - Douglas County Sheriff's Detective Mike Miller has seen a lot of meth addicts over the years, and he wonders if there's any hope for some of them. Last week he was talking to a man in his mid-20s, a six-year meth user he's had contact with over the years. Miller was hoping to enlist the man as an informant so Miller could get to his supplier. But it's not likely to happen. "He wants to do good and he wants to get off of it," Miller says. "But he's got an addiction and I just don't know that he'll ever be able to beat it."

Full story, The Cap Times

10 month old infant tests positive for meth

CA - Merced police are dealing with what they're calling a first of its kind case in the city. A couple has been arrested after their 10-month old baby boy was found to be under the influence of meth. Police say the baby may have been contaminated by inhaling second hand smoke. Margarita Reyes of Merced rushed her ten month old baby boy to the Mercy Hospital Emergency Room early Sunday morning. Merced police say Reyes told the doctors that her baby wouldn't sleep and was irritable. Sgt. Bob Chapman of the Merced Police Department says, "The mom did admit she was a habitual user of meth and that she had smoked meth in the residence but not in the presence of the child."

Full story,from KFSN-TV

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