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Latest news: 7-7-2009

Kentucky counties designated as drug problem areas

KY - Louisville police have found 74 methamphetamine labs so far this year, compared with 48 found by this time last year. That's just one of several drug-related issues police are battling.

But law enforcement officials and politicians hope that a new federal designation for Jefferson County will provide additional resources to combat meth and other drugs, including marijuana and illegal prescription medications.

Full story, The Courier-Journal

Olympic figure skater allegedly vital part of drug ring

NJ - Figure skater Nicole Bobek, who won the 1995 U.S. figure skating title while under a two-year probation for a felony charge, was arraigned Monday in a New Jersey court for allegedly playing a vital part in a drug ring that distributed methamphetamine. She faces up to 10 years if convicted.

Bobek finished 17th at the 1998 Olympics in Nagano.

The Los Angeles Times has a rundown of Bobek's run-ins with the law and her ex-coaches, painting a sad portrait of one of the most talented skaters in the sport during the last 20 years.

She is currently being held on $200,000 bond.

From the Chicago Sun-Times

Iowa meth labs increase in rush to beat new electronic tracking law

IA - Cliff Markley will likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

"As far as dope related its thirty years," Markley said from inside the county jail, "And other stuff, an additional 33."

He's only 23 but his addiction to methamphetamine started over a decade ago.

Full story, WHO-TV

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