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Latest news: 07-08-2010

Diverse picture of alleged drug runners emerges

TX - One accused drug dealer was a male stripper. Another lives in the suburbs and is the hot-tempered daughter of prison guards. There is a married Pakistani man with a string of girlfriends. An undocumented Mexican with a purple Hummer who allegedly exploited his contacts in the gay community. And a rural wife who has been looking for her ex-con white supremacist husband who went missing and is presumed dead. As some of at least 28 people accused of partaking in a machine that pumped millions of dollars in drugs from a Mexican cartel to Houston and the surrounding area appeared in federal courtrooms over the past nine days, so too did the unseemly and diverse picture of this city's alleged drug runners and sellers. What brought them together, authorities contend, is not only an underground pipeline for cocaine and heroin, but exceptionally pure methamphetamine that went for $24,000 a pound. That's more than gold.

Full story, The Houston Chronicle

Meth busts rise in Hart County, Ga.

GA - Hart County Sheriff Mike Cleveland said the county has experienced a rise in methamphetamine use. “In 2005 and 2006, we saw a peak in meth use,” said Cleveland. “In 2007 and 2008, we enjoyed a decrease. However, starting in 2009 and now 2010, it has risen back up.” Cleveland said the department has made five methamphetamine arrests in five weeks. “It has been a busy few months overall, especially with drugs including cocaine and prescription medication. However, the meth rate has definitely went up.”
Hart County Sheriff's investigator Chris Robertson said many dealers who were arrested in 2005 are starting again.

Full story, The Hartwell Sun

Santa Barbara meth-cocaine operation shut down

CA - After four months of ongoing investigation, Santa Barbara County narcotics investigators succeeded Friday in shutting down a highly-organized and multi-level methamphetamine and cocaine trafficking operation that spider-webbed through three counties. Santa Barbara County sheriff’s spokesman Drew Sugars described “a fairly sophisticated operation” that was brought to an end via multiple search warrants served in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Nipomo and Bakersfield neighborhoods. The primary suspect, Pedro Villa Perez, 58, was detained in a traffic stop. A perfunctory vehicle search at that time revealed a hidden compartment in the car containing methamphetamine and cocaine. Contemporaneously, a search warrant was being executed at his Nipomo residence where additional controlled substance materials were discovered in a secret compartment of a camp-style ice chest.

Full story, from Crime Voice

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