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Latest news: 7-16-2009

Water testing gauges meth, other drug use

OR - If authorities wanted to determine how pervasive the problem of illicit drug use was in their communities, how could they do it? One cheap and easy way has just been tried experimentally in Oregon. Based on the principle that what goes in must come out, researchers measured the amounts and kinds of drugs that made their way through users to become included in untreated wastewater. This first-of-its-kind research is reported in the journal Addiction.

Full story with Podcast, Scientific American

NASCAR driver Mayfield positive for meth again

NASCAR said driver Jeremy Mayfield tested positive a second time for methamphetamines and asked a federal judge to reinstate its suspension of Mayfield from racing.

"Given the serious safety concerns raised by Mr. Mayfield’s participation in NASCAR events, Defendants respectfully request that this Court immediately vacate its Order, direct Plaintiffs to select a suitable laboratory capable of testing for all three drugs at issue in this case, and provide such other and further relief as this Court deems just and proper," the motion reads.

Full story, Boston Herald

Meth dealer sentenced to 40 years

Jennings County, IN - A convicted meth dealer in Vernon has been sentenced to 40 years in prison. In April, a jury found Jeffery Boggs guilty on several charges: manufacturing methamphetamine; possessing more than ten grams of pseudoephedrine with intent to manufacture; possession of anhydrous with intent to manufacture; possession of methamphetamine; possession of marijuana; and habitual offender.

Boggs was sentenced to 15 years for dealing meth and an additional 25 years for being a habitual offender.

"Hopefully this will put an end to a criminal career that dates back to 1985," said Jennings County Prosecutor Alan L. Marshall, "We're pleased with this sentence and pleased with the job that the Sheriff's deputies and State Police did with the investigation."

Full story, WCSI Radio

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