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Latest news: 07-16-2010

Meth may not be biggest threat in area between Texas, Okla.

Grayson County,TX - Prescription drug abuse isn't just happening in the big cities, it's happening right here in Texoma. Local authorities say it may even surpass meth as one of the biggest drug problems in the area. Deeda Payton explains why authorities say it could be happening in your household, right under your nose. It's a warning for parents to keep an eye on your medicine cabinet and perhaps a lock on it as well. Authorities say more and more kids are stealing their parents prescription medication in an attempt to get high and go unnoticed. Prescription medication can mean the difference between life and death, but in this day and age it's being taken recreationally.

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Narcotics agents weigh in on newly enacted Miss. meth law

MS - It’s been two weeks since a law went into effect requiring a prescription to buy medicines containing pseudoephedrine. Many local law enforcement agencies say they have already seen a sharp decline in meth-related arrests. However, state agencies say it will take at least two years before they know the full effect of the new law. They suspect many people stocked up on the chemical before the new law went into effect on July 1st. They are also concerned that residents will go to neighboring states where they will have an easier way to purchase those medicines. State agents say so far this year they have broken up over 500 meth labs and removed 140 children from homes where the drug was being manufactured.

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Tip led CPS, police to meth lab

VA - Harrisonburg Social Service Workers received the initial complaint that children were living in a home that had methamphetamine  inside. R.U.S.H Drug Task Force Members were then contacted about the case. According to the search warrant, a social service worker and a R.U.S.H Drug Task Force Member entered the home on Tuesday to find ingredients used to make methamphetamine in plain view. Suspect and resident of the home, Tony Todd, then admitted to making methamphetamine in the past, and having those materials in the home. Harrisonburg Child Protective Service Workers say they investigate any tips they receive that relates to children living near drugs.

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