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Latest news: 7-20-2009

Meth arrests, seizures decline

Honolulu, HI - While methamphetamine remains the state's most serious drug problem, police said meth-related arrests are down by more than half since 2005, and seizures are down about a third.

Honolulu police are reporting a nearly 60 percent decline in crystal meth arrests since 2005 and a 30 percent decline in seizures.

However, police said cocaine appears to be replacing meth as a problem. Police said there has been a spike in cocaine seizures, partly due to powder cocaine's cheaper price than crystal meth.

Authorities said nearly 66 pounds of cocaine were seized statewide last year, a 30 percent increase from 2007.

Full story, KITV-TV

Report says Ohio meth use is down

OH - A new report compiled by the Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring Network shows fewer Ohioans are using cocaine and methamphetamine these days.

But that doesn’t mean illegal drug use is down.  Amanda Conn Starner is with the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services.  She told Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles prescription drug abuse is the major problem.

Amanda Conn Starner says these drugs can be very addictive, especially when combined with alcohol.

The information is used by drug treatment officials to determine how best to combat and treat drug abuse in Ohio.

From WCPN Radio

Boot camp-style detox for Cambodia's meth addicts

Cambodia - During the three years that he used methamphetamine, Khem Samnang grew to hate his parents and others around him who criticized the changes in his demeanor. They said drug use had transformed him from a likeable boy to one who was increasingly sullen, dishonest and isolated.

Shortly after he first began using the drug, he turned to selling presents that had been given to him by his parents - a watch, other pieces of jewelry, a motorbike - to fund his habit. He said he spent about US$5,000.

Full story, The Phnom Penh Post

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