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Latest news: 07-20-2010

Studies question if teen drug rehab cures or creates addiction

"Matt Thomas" (a pseudonym) had only recently begun experimenting with marijuana when he got caught selling a few joints in the bathroom at his junior high school. It was no big deal, Thomas thought, especially considering that his parents — an investment banker and a homemaker — smoked pot too. But Thomas' grades had already begun to slip, perhaps because of his increasing alcohol and marijuana use; that, coupled with his drug-dealing offense, was enough for the school to recommend that his parents place him in an inpatient drug-treatment program. Thomas, then 13, was sent to Parkview West, a residential rehab center located a few miles from his suburban Minneapolis home.

Full story, TIME magazine

Police chief wants help with city's meth problems

IL - It might be said that Abingdon's top cop is at his wit's end trying to figure out how to combat what he sees as a growing problem in the city. Chief Fred Andrews says his department has been tested to the max recently, with recent arrests related to methamphetamine and suspected meth labs in town the last several months -- the last of which happened almost a month ago on East Jackson Street that resulted in five-people being charged. Andrews says he needs more of the public's help in getting the dangerously illegal drug out of town. "There's more meth going around right now, and they could be in anybody's neighborhood," Andrews said.

Full story, WGIL-Radio

One-month-old found at meth lab

Louisville, KY - Police say a one-month-old child was taken to Kosair Children's Hospital after it was found in a home with an active meth lab Monday afternoon. According to police reports obtained by Fox 41 News, police received a tip about a possible meth lab located in the 9800 block of Brook Bend Road, near the Jefferson County - Bullitt County line. When they arrived, they were met with a strong chemical smell. While at the home, they encountered 22-year-old Clayton M. Sherrard, along with his wife, 21-year-old Kaylan J. Sherrard, and 25-year-old Carl A. Bowley.

Full story, WDRB-TV

Armed man possibly high on meth when shot by police 

St. Paul, MN - St. Paul Police officers shot and killed an armed man inside a Super 8 Hotel Monday night, a police spokesman said. Officers were called to the hotel at 1739 Old Hudson Rd. around 7:30 p.m. because a suicidal man was armed with knives, said St. Paul Police Sgt. Pete Crum.  Police were told the man might be high on meth. When officers arrived at the motel, they located 36 year-old John Charles Carr in a third floor room. The officers knocked on the door to the room and Carr allegedly yelled verbal threats to kill them through the door.

Full story, KARE-TV

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