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Latest news: 7-22-2009

Mexican cartels operating on global scale

Guatemala City, Guatemala - Guatemalan drug boss Juan José "Juancho" León was summoned by Mexican traffickers for what he was told was business. Instead, dozens of attackers ambushed his entourage with grenades and assault rifles, killing León and 10 others in a brazen demonstration of power.

Mexican drug traffickers are branching out as never before – spreading their tentacles into 47 nations, including the U.S., Guatemala and even Colombia, long the heart of the drug trade in Latin America.

Full story, The Dallas Morning News

Meth found in toddler's diaper

Phoenix, AZ - When Phoenix Police pulled over a man driving erratically Tuesday afternoon, they got more than they bargained for.

When officers conducted a search of the car, they found that the driver was in possession of meth.

There was also a 2-year-old child in the backseat. When authorities checked out the little boy, they found a bag of meth in the child's diapers.

"Some actions led us to believe the child might have something stashed on him," said Sgt. Sywarungsymun. "It could possibly kill the kid if he were to ingest a good amount."

The boy's father has been arrested, and the toddler was placed in the care of Child Protective Services.


Children found inside meth lab during bust

Columbus, GA - Four people were arrested Monday at what police called a methamphetamine lab that had two 1-year-old children inside.

Ashley Nicole Howard, 22, and Howard Dewayne O’Neal, 40, both of Smiths, Ala., and Charles Myrick, 30, and Sabrina Myrick, 29, both of 3251 13th Ave. No. C1 in Columbus, were arrested at 8:15 p.m. at the Myricks’ home, reports state.

All face a charge of trafficking in methamphetamine and two counts each of manufacturing methamphetamine in the presence of a child.

According to reports, all four were in possession of a meth lab that had pill powder and a finished product.

Two children were at the home while the meth lab was there, police said.

From the Ledge-Enquirer

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