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Latest news: 07-22-2010

Is there a meth epidemic brewing in Vermont?

VT - "We like, freaked out," said Melinda Martin, who was evacuated from her St. Albans home Tuesday afternoon. Martin was one of many freaking out in St. Albans watching hazmat teams and police with guns drawn swarming a home close to downtown. They were investigating one of three suspected methamphetamine cooking sites in Franklin County. "This is very concerning to us, and it should be to all Vermonters," Vt. Public Safety Commissioner Tom Tremblay said.

Full story, from WCAX-TV

Report shows more than half of juvenile arrestees test positive for drugs

CA - More than half of the juveniles arrested in San Diego County in 2009 tested positive for at least one drug, with marijuana use on the increase, while methamphetamine use declined, according to an annual study conducted by SANDAG. "Overall, the data show that youth booked into Juvenile Hall continue to face a number of risk factors that require communities and systems of care to continue to work together," said SANDAG Director of Criminal Justice Research Dr. Cynthia Burke. "Program and policy leaders need support as they target prevention and intervention efforts, particularly those that focus on family-based treatment, parental education, truancy, and pro-social activities."

Full story, The Village News

Undercover officers seize $1.5 million worth of meth

IL - Waukegan police and the Drug Enforcement Administration teamed up for the largest crystal meth seizure in Lake County history this week. Police seized 16.5 pounds of the drug, also known as "ice," valued at $1.5 million after meeting two men near the intersection of Washington Street and Green Bay Road in Waukegan at 7:10 p.m. Thursday. The department said in 2001, methamphetamine use sent more people to emergency rooms than use of any other club drug.

Full story, The Libertyville Review

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