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Latest news: 07-26-2010

Iowa pharmacies required to use electronic tracking system by Sept. 1

IA - Iowa pharmacies will keep a closer tab on who is buying certain cold medicines, and how much they take home, under a new tracking system being phased in statewide. The new, real-time electronic system for tracking pseudoephedrine sales is an important step in combating homegrown methamphetamine labs in Iowa, said Gary Kendell, director of the Governor's Office of Drug Control Policy. For the past several years, state and federal regulations on the sale of pseudoephedrine have been in place, limiting how much of the decongestant individuals can buy in a certain time period.

Full story, The Omaha World-Herald

$77,400 grant to pay for study on meth lab clean up

WV - Are meth lab sites ever really fully remediated? A study at West Virginia University, one that will continue until next April, will try to determine that.  "We really want to understand the whole picture," says WVU Assistant Professor of Forensic and Analytical Chemistry Doctor Suzanne Bell. "We have an idea, but we don't know in great detail and there are several groups that are doing research on trying to understand that process, so we're just going to contribute to that effort."

Full story, WVMetroNews

Two children found playing with meth pipe

OH - Child protective services stepped in after two kids were found playing with drug paraphernalia. 2News was first on the scene when a neighbor said two kids, ages two and five, were screaming inside a house on the 700 block of Keowee Street in Dayton. Police said the neighbor tried to wake their sleeping mother, but she wouldn't budge. The neighbor said before he entered the house he saw something that shocked him.

Full story, WDTN-TV

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