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Latest news: 08-05-2010

Group to meet about RX only for pseudoephedrine

IN - The fight against meth continues in the Valley. Local law enforcement is working with pharmacies and hoping to make pseudoephedrine available by prescription only. In Oregon, you can only buy pseudophedrine with a prescription. Terre Haute Police Sergeant Chris Gallagher said new numbers released show Oregon's number of meth labs dropped drastically from nearly 500 to about 10. That's why local law enforcement is pushing for Hoosiers to pass the same law.

Full story and video, from WTHI-TV

Man found dead in garage had toxic meth level

CA - A Salinas man found dead in his neighbor's garage last month died as a result of "excited delirium" caused by a high level of methamphetamine intoxication, Monterey County coroner's officials said Wednesday. The level of methamphetamine in the body of James Martin, 30, was "toxic," said Sheriff's Cmdr. Mike Richards. Excited delirium syndrome is a brain disorder usually related to drug use, including cocaine, PCP and methamphetamine, but can also occur in non-drug users, according to a website of the Department of Neurology at the University of Miami, Fla.

Full story, The Monterey County Herald

Man arrested for meth production, theft

AR - 36-year-old Midway man Tuesday became the 17th person in recent weeks to be arrested in Baxter County on felony charges of manufacturing methamphetamine. He is Brian John Dust. Sheriff John Montgomery said investigators acted partly on information that Dust had made multiple purchases of pseudoephedrine in the last 60 days at various locations. When investigators served a search warrant at 336 County Road 12 Tuesday afternoon, they found components used in the manufacture of meth.

Full story, The Baxter Bulletin

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