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Latest news: 8-11-2009

Priest struggles with Mexico's drug violence  

Tepalcatepec, Mexico - Father Miguel López drives the parish pickup truck across the muddy river that separates two warring drug cartels. He follows the winding road through the dark green foothills of the Sierra Madre until he comes to a rusting archway where traffickers hung the severed head of his friend.

The Roman Catholic priest spends his days navigating this dangerous terrain, a world he describes as "fallen." He prays with widows whose husbands disappeared in broad daylight, and gives Communion to the men who may have killed them. In the village where he grew up, at the end of this lonely road, his lifelong neighbors were too afraid to unbolt their doors when they heard screams for help in the middle of the night -- when an entire family, including four children, was kidnapped in June amid a clash between rival gangsters.

Full story, The Washington Post

Former deputy remains jailed on meth trafficking

TX - Hockley County's former Chief Deputy will remain jailed until his trial next month.

Gordon Bohannon is among 28 defendants indicted last month in connection with a federal investigation of meth trafficking. Bohannon's defense attorney cited his clients lengthy career in law enforcement and family ties, while arguing that's justification for his release until the September 22nd trial. U.S. attorneys argue Bohannon is a flight risk and poses a potential danger to the community.

Federal Judge Sam Cummings rules that Bohannon's continued detention is justified by the nature and circumstances of the charges and the weight of the evidence against him, the history and characteristics of the defendant, and the seriousness of the danger posed by his release.

Prosecutors accuse Bohannon of assisting and covering up the multi-state meth distribution ring.


Meth lab found in stairwell of state services building 

Tulsa, OK - Tulsa police and Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers say a meth lab has been found in a stairwell of the State Services Building in downtown Tulsa.

OHP Lt. George Brown calls it the most brazen location he's ever seen a meth lab.

The lab was found about 10 a.m. Monday by groundskeepers and investigators believe it was built after the building closed Friday. It was found at the bottom of the stairwell in an area hidden from easy view.

Authorities say a police HAZMAT team was able to remove the lab without disrupting business at any of the state offices.

The building houses agencies ranging from the Department of Human Services to child support offices.


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