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Latest news: 08-18-2010

Amphetamine use increases risk of aortic tears in young adults

UT - Young adults who abuse amphetamines may be at greater risk of suffering a tear in the main artery leading from the heart, UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers have found. In the study, published in the August issue of American Heart Journal, researchers examined medical records from nearly 31 million people between 18 and 49 years old hospitalized from 1995 to 2007 and found that amphetamine abuse was associated with a threefold increase in the odds of aortic dissection. "Aortic dissection in young people is rare, but it frequently can lead to death," said Dr. Arthur Westover, assistant professor of psychiatry at UT Southwestern and the study's lead author. "Doctors should screen young adults with aortic dissection for amphetamine abuse in searching for a potential cause."

Full story, News Blaze

Ex-skating champ details her skid into drugs

NJ -  In 1998, Nicole Bobek was America’s blond skating sweetheart, with a fresh, Barbie-doll face that landed her lucrative endorsement deals and a powerful, athletic body that made her America’s best hope for an Olympic gold medal in women’s figure skating. But that Nicole was hardly recognizable in a July 2009 police mug shot after she was arrested for conspiring to distribute crystal methamphetamine. Bobek’s stunning fall from grace was evidenced by her pockmarked face and distant stare. Now Bobek is on the road to recovery. She avoided prison time Monday when a New Jersey judge granted her five years’ probation after she pled guilty on the conspiracy charges. She’s living with her mother in Jupiter, Fla., and says she has been free of drugs for more than 13 months. The hardest part, she told Matt Lauer on TODAY Tuesday, is looking at that mug shot and seeing what she had become.

Full story and video, The Today Show

Police say K.C. gang targeted other criminals

MO - Five Kansas City men are facing federal charges accusing them of plotting a robbery to steal cash and methamphetamines from an alleged drug dealer and using a firearm during a drug crime. Police said the case appears to be one of several in which gang members target other criminals because there is less chance victims will report them to police. A criminal complaint filed against one of the accused robbers details at least four armed robberies, including one in which a man was shot in the leg. The Kansas City Star reports that investigators have seized drugs, dozens of stolen firearms and other stolen property, including a Bobcat and more than 1,000 comic books.

Full story, The Springfield News-Leader

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