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Latest news: 08-23-2010

Meth cooks cross into Ala. after Miss. restricts pseudoephedrine

AL - On July 1, Mississippi enacted a tight new restriction on a common cold and allergy remedy that’s a key ingredient in the homemade street drug meth. Now, meth-makers and users are crossing into Alabama in search of it, law officers agree. “What we’re seeing in our database is an obvious increase in Mississippi purchasers,” said Joe Bettner, who helps coordinate the methamphetamine battle Said Lt. Curtis Spears, commander of the narcotics task force in Jackson County, Miss., immediately to the west: “We predicted and forecast that this would happen.” Mississippi’s law makes pseudoephedrine — a decongestant sold in popular brands such as Sudafed — available only by prescription. It’s only the second such law in the U.S.

Full story, The Press-Register

Confessions of a former meth cook

MI - When police pulled over David Jones and his girlfriend on July 4, 2008, he had reached rock bottom. He was living in his Pontiac Grand Am, cooking up batches of methamphetamine in the woods of eastern Van Buren County and injecting as much as 2 or 3 grams of meth a day. "I bounced like a ball from place to place from wherever the drug took me," he said. Jones, 30, rode the meth rocket to the edge and back and lived to tell the tale. He went through Van Buren County's drug court, has been clean and sober for two years now and wants to be a substance abuse counselor. The night he was busted, there were expired tags and improper plates on the car. A state trooper behind them spotted his girlfriend driving erratically. "I was making dope in the car. The fumes were getting to us. We had already been getting high for two days."

Full story, Behavioral Health Central

Meth lab discovered in car in leads to road closure

FL - Concerned citizens led to a discovery that shut down a road for hours. Near Fort White this morning, the Columbia County Sheriff's Office was called about a suspicious vehicle parked on Southwest Clifford Drive. A deputy found Gregg Davis asleep in the truck, and noticed items used to manufacture methamphetamine. Police closed Clifford Drive as a precaution due to the hazardous nature of meth labs.
A trained team from Tallahassee came to secure the scene. Davis, 37, was arrested and faces charges of manufacturing of methamphetamine, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. The sheriff's office credits the alert citizens for the quick resolution of the case.

Full story, WTLV-TV

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