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Latest news: 8-24-2009

Meth addicts can improve in a year

CA - Not only do methamphetamine users have to struggle to overcome the insidious chemical effects of the powerful drug, but they also must deal with the perceived hopelessness of their addiction.

Word on the street – and in research labs – had for years imposed something of a life sentence on meth addicts. Many of the effects of the stimulant, it was believed, were permanent. Once you were hooked, your brain function remained impaired, circuits singed to the core.

Full story, The Sacramento Bee

Biker gang accused of operating meth ring

Philadelphia, PA - Announcing criminal charges against 40 people, authorities today declared they had smashed a major methamphetamine ring operating in the Philadelphia area and dealt a major blow to the Outlaws motorcycle gang.

The charges, made at the recommendation of a grand jury, capped an 11-month investigation code-named Operation Icebreaker, Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett said.

Full story, Philadelphia Inquirer

Meth use fuels ID theft

Phoenix, AZ - If you're going to robbed in Phoenix, chances are it won't be your money that will be stolen. It will be your identity.

While Ahwatukee Foothills residents who attended an anti-crime forum Saturday arrived to talk about empty houses that attract vandals and strangers casing their neighborhoods, the most forceful message to the community from Phoenix police was about the city's growing problem with identity theft.

Full story, The Arizona Republic

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