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Latest news: 08-26-2010

Meth use among young gay men remains a pervasive problem

Seattle, WA - Jordan Duran sat down to coffee downstairs from his office at Gay City Health Project on Capitol Hill. His calm presence and sweet smile reveal little of the horror this 26-year-old has put his mind, body and spirit through. Just a few years ago, Duran wandered the streets outside Gay City a skeletal form of his current self. Homeless, sick and estranged from his family, he would look away from passers-by, including some of his current colleagues — all the while completely loaded on crystal meth. "In my brief moments of clarity I knew my life was supposed to be better than this," Duran said. "Growing up I had so many dreams ... but I completely lost myself."

Full story, The Seattle Times

Meth still an issue in Okla.

OK - Meth -- it's a constant problem for both the Tulsa Police Department and the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office. More and more labs are being discarded on the side of roadways, buildings and in trash cans. As was the case today -- after a city worker discovered the remains of a meth lab in north Tulsa. Officer Leland Ashley says, "It's a very dangerous situation for individuals to do this, because they will be in apartment complexes or neighborhoods and it can wreak havoc on the community."

Full story, KOKI-TV

Drug cartels' cash flows across border

Laredo, TX - Stashing cash in spare tires, engine transmissions and truckloads of baby diapers, couriers for Mexican drug cartels are moving tens of billions of dollars in profits south across the border each year, a river of dirty money that has overwhelmed U.S. and Mexican customs agents. Officials said stemming the flow of this cash is essential if Mexico and the United States hope to disrupt powerful transnational criminal organizations that are using their wealth to corrupt, terrorize and kill. Despite unprecedented efforts to thwart the traffickers, U.S. and Mexican authorities are seizing no more than 1 percent of the cash, according to an analysis by The Washington Post based on figures provided by the two governments.

Full story, The Washington Post

Mo. county helps inform property buyers of meth labs

MO - Mary McPherson of Fenton was unaware the mobile home she helped a friend buy in late 2009 in Jefferson County had been the site of a methamphetamine lab. She found out its history the following March after she had a handyman do some work on the trailer while her friend was out of the trailer for medical care. "The handyman noticed how sealed up the trailer was," McPherson, 49, of Fenton said. "He advised me to check to see if it had been a meth lab." She contacted the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and learned that the police had found a meth lab in the trailer before it was sold.

Full story, Suburban Journals

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