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Latest news: 08-31-2010

Ind. State Police use web against meth labs

Sellersburg, IN - It's a highly addictive and dangerous drug, and it's cheap to make. That's why Indiana State Police are turning to the Internet to crack down on meth labs. Police already use computer systems to keep tabs on meth productions, but one program is a little different. Meth is an inexpensive drug to make, with many of the main ingredients household items.  That's one of the reasons it's so hard to crack down on.  But with a new web-driven investigative tool, police will be able to keep tabs on retailers selling those common household items. The system will be able to point out red flags where law enforcement can detect retailers that may be aiding in the production of meth.

Full story, WDRB-TV

Lasting pleasures, robbed by drug abuse

Of all the things that people do, few are as puzzling to psychiatrists as compulsive drug use. Sure, all drugs of abuse feel good — at least initially. But for most people, the euphoria doesn’t last. A patient of mine is all too typical. “I know this will sound strange,” he said, as I recall, “but cocaine doesn’t get me high any more and still I can’t stop.” When he first started using the drug, in his early 30s, my patient would go for days on a binge, hardly eating or drinking. The high was better than anything, even sex. Within several months, though, he had lost the euphoria — followed by his job. Only when his wife threatened to leave him did he finally seek treatment.

Full story, The New York Times

Kids affected by meth on the rise in Ind.

Terre Haute, IN - More children affected by meth in Indiana than ever before. Indiana State Police reports meth arrest cases in 2010 are similar to those in 2009, except the number of Hoosier children affected from meth homes is at an all time high. Jamie Graves holds her two children Tucker and Caitlin, but 9 years ago she was forced to let them go. "She's like I'm taking your kids and all I could think of was please, please help them because I knew," formerly addicted to meth Jamie Graves.

Full story, WTHI-TV

More than 60 people involved in meth ring

Amarillo, TX - They've been under surveillance for more than a year, and now, most of them are behind bars for their role in an alleged drug ring. NewsChannel 10's Kristen Guilfoos has been following the story for several months now and has the latest on the meth investigation. As of August 30th, 17 more people are now behind bars in connection with that drug ring. That brings the total to just over 60 people involved with the drugs, in one way or another. The arrests began back in May, when authorities nabbed these people, who they say were the bottom of the food chain in this drug operation. As they got closer and closer to the bosses of the alleged drug ring...they found these people , who they most recently arrested.

Full story, KFDA-TV

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