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Latest news: 9-14-2009

Idaho Meth Project pushing message to Hispanics  

ID - The Idaho Meth Project is using Mexico's Independence Day to push its anti-meth message to Idaho's Hispanic community. The group used a celebration at a Nampa park Sunday to help spread the message. "Meth is just something that grabs a hold of you and just destroys! It doesn't let go," recovering meth addict Miguel Mouw said.

Idaho's Meth Project is in its second year. The gritty, and sometimes shocking commercials, and billboards are hard to miss. "That's the reality of this drug frankly, there's no way to sugar coat it, meth is just that ugly," Idaho Meth Project Executive Director Megan Ronk said.

The organization has already launched some of the commercials in Spanish to reach one of the fast growing populations of users. The group points to a recent survey by the Idaho department of education to prove their point. It showed that 14% of Hispanic students have used meth at least once in their life, compared to just five percent of white students.

The group says so far the message is working. "It's a huge eye opener to kids. There are a lot of scare tactics but they're there for a reason," Mouw said before he addressed the crowd.

Idaho ranks seventh in the nation for meth use.


City on lookout for arrival of 'shake and bake'

Oklahoma City, OK - Authorities in Oklahoma say they've seen a surge in methamphetamine cases in which suspects use a method that was popular in the 1980s to concoct the illegal stimulant.

Most of the "shake-and-bake" meth cases have been in the Tulsa area, but some have turned up in Ardmore and Lawton.

Full story, KJRH-TV

Golf tournament raises money for anti-meth organization 

CO - With the buzz of an airplane’s propeller and the thud of 3,700 golf balls colliding with the greens, the 10th annual Yahoo Golf Tournament was opened.

On Saturday, the tournament, which benefits the Communities Overcoming Methamphetamine Abuse organization, brought more than 120 golfers to Yampa Valley Golf Course.

Full story, The Craig Daily Press

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