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Latest news: 09-20-2010

Meth addicts scam doctors for pseudoephedrine

Jackson, MS - Local doctors in Jackson said they have been on the lookout for people seeking more than help for their allergy symptoms since Mississippi made pseudoephedrine "prescription only" in July. Dr. Winn Walcott, of the Mississippi Asthma and Allergy Clinic, said he had patients who he could tell have been using methamphetamine. "They call late at night when you're more likely to be fatigued and less likely to ask a lot of questions," he said. "They always know exactly what they want."

Full story, WAPT-TV

Meth labs move to rural areas

AL - Methamphetamine production is shifting to the rural parts of the River Region, with more users making their own drug and moving out into the boondocks to do it. Sheriff's offices in Autauga, Elmore and Montgomery counties in the past six months or so are seeing more "shake-and-bake" meth laboratories -- smaller labs that produce less of the drug than the larger labs. "These shake-and-bake labs are mostly making drugs for personal use," said Todd Mims of the Central Alabama Drug Task Force, which works in the 19th Judicial Circuit. The circuit includes Autauga, Elmore and Chilton counties. "They aren't the big labs we were hitting last year, where people were cooking larger quantities of the drug for sale. The shake-and-bake labs are very simple."

Full story, Montgomery Advertiser

Kids unhurt after meth lab explosion

KY - Police on Thursday arrested a woman accused of fleeing a house gutted by a meth lab explosion. Jamie Christine Moore, 32, 1209 Shannon Drive, was arrested about 3 p.m. Thursday at Skyline Mobile Home Park by detectives from the Bowling Green-Warren County Drug Task Force. Moore has been charged with four counts of manufacturing methamphetamine and four counts of controlled substance endangerment to a child in a meth lab. She is in Warren County Regional Jail under no bond. Authorities allege that Moore, her four children and an adult male, who is still at large, were in the brick rental house on Shannon Drive.

Full story, Daily News

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