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Latest news: 09-21-2010

Kentucky Rx-only pseudoephedrine has support

FRANKFORT, KY - The Kentucky Medical Association is endorsing a plan to require cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine to be dispensed only to people with a doctor's prescription. KMA spokesman Marty White said the physicians believe requiring prescriptions for the medications will help combat the illegal production of crystal meth, a relatively cheap drug that is widely abused in Kentucky. The pseudoephedrine in many over-the-counter cold medicines is a primary ingredient in meth.

Full story, Associated Press via WKYT

Meth suspect rammed police cruiser

KALAMAZOO, MI - A man accused of ramming a cruiser during a meth bust getaway is now behind bars and could be arraigned Thursday. Kalamazoo County deputies say James Cunningham turned himself in Thursday morning. Investigators have been searching for Cunningham since Monday morning when they say he was driving a mobile meth lab near Vicksburg.

Full story, WWMT

Ind. meth inmates costing taxpayers millions

Thornton, CO - When Mario Gutierrez looked at the home on East 130th Way he saw a place where he could raise his children. He saw a subdivision that he had lived in seven years ago. He saw home. What he didn't see was the history of the home. After submitting a bid on the HUD home, he was notified by the federal agency he was being awarded the property. He even received a signed sales contract from HUD for the home. It was then he decided to plug the home's address into a search engine on his computer. "It came up with the website: the National Clandestine Laboratory Register," Gutierrez said. "And to my surprise, I started reading and I found out this was once a meth home, a meth lab."
The National Clandestine Laboratory Register's web address is: www.justice.gov/dea/seizures/index.html.

Full story, 9-News.com

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