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Latest news: 10-12-2010

Drug cartels contribute to surge in meth use on reservations

AZ - The number one issue with substance abuse on Native-American reservation lands has been and continues to be alcohol, but there seems there may be a shift in the illegal drug of choice among young people on The Mountain, including "anglo" communities and The White Mountain Apache Reservation. According to local law enforcement it looks like there may not only be a shift from methamphetamine to heroin in local communities including Whiteriver, but the people selling the drugs appear to be using the Native-American reservation lands as a haven from law enforcement. Having said that, Phoenix region Drug Enforcement Agency Special Agent Jim Molesa does not agree. He said DEA data gathered nationally does not indicate a switch from meth to heroin on reservation lands, or that drug dealers are using them as a base of operations.

Full story, White Mountain Independent

Border agents keeping meth off U.S. streets

CA - Border patrol agents busted a suspected drug smuggler after discovering nearly $300,000 in cocaine and methamphetamine hidden in a car bumper at a checkpoint near Pine Valley in San Diego County. The driver, a 29-year-old Mexican national, was traveling into the United States via Interstate 8 on Sunday morning. Agents became suspicious after he began behaving nervously at the checkpoint. A K-9 team was brought in, and detected drugs in the white Ford Taurus. In a fuller inspection, agents discovered two secret compartments built into the front bumper, stuffed with nearly 18 pounds of cocaine and 6.5 pounds of methamphetamine.
Full story, Mercury News

Observant store employees help catch meth cooks

IN - Walmart employees notified police about a woman purchasing materials commonly used to manufacture methamphetamine, and their tip resulted in four meth-related arrests. "This woman had been in the past few nights and was buying the same things -- Coleman fuel, coffee filters, things used to make meth," Richmond Police Department Lt. Brad Berner said Monday. "So the people at Walmart called us and (Patrolman) Jeff Shoemaker located the woman outside a vehicle in the parking lot."
Shoemaker noticed Jeanyne Hutchins, 32, of 2141/2 S. Seventh St. in Richmond, was under the influence of drugs or alcohol and saw materials used to make meth in the vehicle.

Full story, Palladium-Item

Task force finds new 'Red P' meth lab

WI - There's a new wrinkle in the fight against meth in western Wisconsin. Investigators found a different kind of meth lab. Stevie Walls and his step-mother Melverna Walls were arrested last week. They live in the Town of Stanton. Investigators say they found a "Red P" meth lab in their home. "Red P" stands for Red Phosphorus. That's used, along with Iodine to make meth. The typical meth lab in our area has been one that uses Annhydrous Ammonia. This was the first "Red P" lab found by investigators from the West Central Drug Task Force.

Full story, WQOW - TV

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