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Latest news: 10-12-2011

National group to present pseudoephedrine bill to Kentucky lawmakers

CA - The consumer healthcare products association says they recognize that meth production is a problem in Kentucky and as a result they are proposing a bill that would prevent convicted meth offenders from purchasing pseudoephedrine over the counter. Although a bill has not been drafted yet, representatives with CHPA say the bill would also lower the purchase of pseudoephedrine to seven and half grams per month and sixty grams annually.

Full Story, WKYT - TV

On the road to recovery

MO - At the age of 21, Steve Pennington was pronounced dead in his grandmother’s house after a drug overdose. He was rushed to a hospital in St. Louis, where he was revived, but left in a coma. At the time, doctors said he was not showing any brain activity and had no hope of recovery. “About three days into my coma, my dad, who’s a minister, took my hand and said he was going to pray for me,” Pennington said. “He said tears started rolling down my face. God worked a miracle in my life. I recovered with no mental or physical damage.”

Full Story, Branson Tri-Lakes News

Down the drain: man caught making meth in sewer

OK - Most meth cooks are mixing the highly-toxic, highly-addictive chemicals in a plastic bottle. It’s known as the one-pot or shake-and-bake method. Last week police busted Glenn Reese, 43, for having a bottle of meth inside his backpack at the Wal-Mart at 81st and S. Lewis Avenue. On Monday, that investigation led police to a storm drain near that Wal-Mart where more meth was discovered.

Full Story, FOX23 - TV

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