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Latest news: 10-13-2009

Another Mo. city passes prescription law to combat meth  

Union, MO - City leaders voted unanimously Monday to make Union the second city in the nation to require prescriptions for select cold and allergy medications in an effort to combat methamphetamine labs.

The ordinance will take effect immediately, meaning pharmacists here will begin today clearing shelves behind their counters of about a dozen products containing pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient in meth.

Full story, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Oregon's battle with meth not over

OR - More meth is making its way into Eastern Oregon.

First, the number of meth labs dropped when Oregon made stuff like Sudafed tough to get.

However, cops say the bad guys are finding other ways to get the drugs.

Full story, KEPR-TV

Meth makers listening in on police scanners

Tulsa, OK - Meth labs are on the rise in Tulsa, and meth makers are using police scanners to stay ahead of authorities. Criminals are listening in to scanners to find out where police are headed.

"It's something law enforcement has had to deal with for many years. Obviously with the technology increasing it gets more and more where they can pick up entire conversations. In the past it was hit or miss," TPD Officer Jason Willingham said.

Full story, KOKI-TV

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