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Latest news: 10-14-2009

More cities sign on to Fla. county's anti-meth plan

The law, designed to make it tougher for meth makers to get their hands on key ingredients, by requiring pharmacies to keep electronic records of customers who purchase over the counter medications containing pseudoephedrine stead of paper records.

Panama City mayor Scott Clemons and commissioners Bill Rader and Jonathan Wilson voted meth check, commissioner’s John Kady, and Nancy Wengel voted against it.

Full story, WJHG-TV

Police chase car with mobile meth lab   

Galva , IL - A car carrying what police said was an active meth lab crashed into a utility pole after leading Galva police on a chase from the Galva Cemetery early Tuesday morning.

A Galva police officer was driving through the Galva Cemetery just after 12:30 a.m. Tuesday when he spotted a 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo in the cemetery. The car sped back toward Galva with police in pursuit.

Full story, The Register-Mail

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