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Latest news: 10-27-2009

Mo. county tracks cold medicine electronically

Jackson County, MO - Jackson County law enforcement officials on Monday announced a program they touted as a major step toward quelling illegal meth production.

The program, known as MethShield, will be tested in Jackson County at no charge to taxpayers. It originated in Australia, where its promoters say it has reduced methamphetamine production by 37 percent.

Full story, The Kansas City Star

Meth sales funded gun smuggling to Mexico

Forth Worth, TX - Federal investigative documents obtained by News 8 have revealed the details behind extensive gun smuggling from the Dallas-Fort Worth area to drug gangs in Mexico.

The documents show precisely how suspected gun runners allegedly bought their weapons, hid them in local houses and then smuggled them to hit men working for Mexican drug lords.

Full story, WFAA-TV

3 kids taken from home with 2 meth labs

AL - Sheriff's deputies in Morgan County are releasing new information about a meth bust in Hartselle late last week.

It happened at the home of 34 year old James Daniel Tillman on Nance Ford Road Thursday.

According to Sheriff Greg Bartlett, the drug and violent crimes task force was responding to numerous citizen complaints about the home when they discovered two meth labs on Tillman's property. One was inside his shed, and another was in a utility trailer.

Investigators are now saying that in addition to the drugs, three children were also at the home, "in close proximity to the meth lab" according to Bartlett. The kids were ages 7, 13 and 15. They were taken to Decatur General Hospital by DHR to be checked out.

At last word, Tillman was in the Morgan County Jail awaiting bond.


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