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Latest news: 10-27-2010

Meth 'hands down' the most destructive drug

GA - Barry McCaffrey, a retired four-star general, was director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy under President Clinton from 1996 to 2001. He was in that role when methamphetamine use began to spread rapidly in the United States. He knows the extent of the problem and the ways the government and law enforcement are combating it.

Full story, Ledger Enquirer

Meth's hidden dilemma: Children caught in the middle

MO - It's the hidden dilemma of the war on meth and other drugs. The issue: kids caught in the middle as their homes are raided by police. Often on the other side of the door, authorities not only find drugs, but too often young children living in filth and dangerously close to meth labs or other materials. "It's a side of the situation," Scott County Sheriff Rick Walter said.

Full story, KFVS - TV

TBI chief warns of hike in meth labs

TN - The numbers of methamphetamine labs and prescription drug overdoses in the state have reached epidemic proportions, according to Mark Gwyn, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation director. Gwyn spoke to the Rotary Club of Oak Ridge last week. "We seized 1,500 meth labs this year and will probably seize more than 2,000 meth labs next year," said Gwyn, a McMinnville native. "I think that Tennessee will probably lead the nation again in the number of meth labs" -- unless, he added, cold tablets, which contain meth's essential ingredient, are made available only through prescriptions.

Full story, Oak Ridger

Agencies join forces to help at-risk children

AR - Several Arkansas agencies announced a joint effort Monday aimed at reaching the children of drug dealers and abusers before it's too late. In the past decade, Arkansas police have seized 7,800 methamphetamine labs, and officials say residents in those homes included more than 1,000 children. Add the children whose caregivers are wrapped up in cocaine, heroin or marijuana dealing or abuse and the problem is more pronounced. The state Criminal Justice Institute in Little Rock has drawn together an array of professionals who signed a memorandum of understanding that obligates them to work together to protect "drug-endangered" children

Full story, Baxter Bulletin

1954 World Cup champs suspected of using meth

A researcher says some players on the West Germany team that won the 1954 World Cup may have been injected with the same stimulant given to tank crews and Luftwaffe pilots during World War II. Rumors of doping involving the West German team have been around for years. Some players have acknowledged receiving injections at the World Cup in Switzerland but believed they were given vitamin C. But a member of the team conducting a new study by the University of Leipzig into the history of doping in Germany says they could have received methamphetamine, which under its trade name Pervitin had been used by Nazi Germany's troops.

Full story, Philadelphia Daily News

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