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Latest news: 10-28-2010

U.S. Justice Department funds meth project

KS - Eleven Kansas law enforcement and social welfare agencies will be pooling existing resources to help fight methamphetamine abuse in rural Kansas, officials said Wednesday. The group is part of a two-year U.S. Justice Department-funded project called the Rural Law Enforcement Methamphetamine Initiative formed to help increase access to meth abuse data in primarily rural parts of the U.S., and to enhance law enforcement, treatment and prevention efforts in rural communities. Agencies in Kansas and six other states that are also are part of the federal initiative all are revving up a variety of existing programs between now and March that are intended to serve as a framework for further anti-meth efforts in the future, said Laura Severin, a program consultant based at the Kansas Bureau of Investigation in Topeka.

Full story, Kansas Reporter

Police confiscate $1 million worth of drugs

IL - Local drug task force officers confiscated more than $1 million of heroin and methamphetamines as part of a joint bust with federal agencies early Wednesday morning. Juan D. Sanchez-Pancheco, 48, of California, and Gabino Barrera-Castenada, 40, of Utah, were booked at the Public Safety Building jail at 3:30 a.m. Wednesday on charges of delivering heroin, methamphetamines delivery and drug trafficking.
Bond was not immediately set for the men, who are scheduled to be arraigned in Vermilion County Circuit Court this afternoon.

Full story, The Commercial-News

Meth distributor gets 23 years in federal prison

CA - A man that authorities say controlled a methamphetamine distribution ring operating out of Sacramento will have to serve another 23 years in prison, on top of a 17-year sentence he's already serving. After pleading guilty in June to conspiring to distribute methamphetamine, federal prosecutors say Miguel Ruiz-Bravo was sentenced to 23 years and four months Wednesday. The 39-year-old Ruiz-Bravo was already serving 17 years on state charges after pleading guilty to drug charges in a 2006 case. A spokeswoman at the U.S. Attorney's office in Sacramento says Ruiz-Bravo will have to complete his state term before he begins serving time on the federal charges.

Full story, Mercury News

Home buyers nightmare: Living in a former meth lab

PA - The problems with the house on Jefferson Avenue were little things, Jenn Friberg says. Someone had frosted the master bedroom window. Ugly brown plastic kept people from looking in the kitchen. "I thought, 'Maybe there were old people who'd lived there and they didn't want to get blinded by the morning sun,' " said Jenn, 30. The closing hadn't come easily. Twice it was postponed - and the second time the Realtor said he was missing a signature because the owner was in jail. Again, Jenn thought the best. "People wind up in jail for all sorts of reasons," she said. "Child support . . ." She and her boyfriend, Rob Quigley, 31, were in love with the century-old twin in Bristol Borough, and love can be blind.

Full story, Philadelphia Inquirer

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