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Latest news: 11-01-2010

State has meth battle plan

KS - The state is developing ways to combat production, distribution and use of methamphetamine in Kansas. Gov. Mark Parkinson, in conjunction with the Kansas Task Force Addressing Methamphetamine and Illegal Drugs have constructed a state strategic plan to address methamphetamine. “The success of our families and our communities depends heavily upon our ability to provide a safe and secure environment,” said Parkinson. “Reducing the availability and ultimately, the usage of drugs is one of the best investments our state can make for our future. I am pleased to see the task force working with law enforcement officials to tackle this issue.” The strategic plan outlines important goals that will better position local law enforcement to respond to methamphetamine manufacturing and importation, as well as increase prevention services and improve access to methamphetamine treatment.

Full story, Morning Sun

Meth, crack and cocaine listed in top ten most dangerous drugs

Today, a new report was released showing the most dangerous drugs in the world. Surprisingly, the number one spot was reserved by a drug that is legal for adults in most countries. Alcohol beat out drugs like heroin and crack. The study calculated the damage done to the user, as well as the damage done to the people around the user.

Full story, Indy Posted

Four sentence in multi-national drug ring

FL -  Martin Ramirez-Rodriguez, 27, Santiago Valdez-Gomez, 25, and Florencio Barrios-Hernandez, 26, all of Mexico, and Maria Cifuentes-Espinoza, 35, of Texas, were sentenced to federal prison Wednesday for their involvement in a multi-national drug and gun-trafficking operation, following a multi-agency investigation involving special agents with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). The sentences delivered by U.S. District Judge Richard Smoak of the Northern District of Florida were the result of a long-term investigation that revealed a conspiracy by the individuals to transport cocaine, methamphetamine, and drug proceeds between Florida, Alabama, and Texas. Members of the conspiracy also endeavored to obtain and smuggle to Mexico as many as 800 fully automatic AK-47 machine guns for use in the drug war between rival drug cartels fighting for control of profitable drug routes into the United States.

Full story, Cypress Times

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