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Latest news: 11-03-2010

A story of the drug war

AZ - It’s not easy to find victories to celebrate in the drug war. Despite decades of effort, drugs continue to flow into our country. Some are stopped, but many get through, fueling an ongoing culture of crime and violence here. But occasionally there is a success, even if it is not necessarily a total victory. Arizona’s U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke noted one of those during a recent visit to Yuma. During a discussion of drug trafficking he pointed out that there had been a significant change in the production of methamphetmines, one that has benefited many Arizona communities, including our own. A few years ago, there was real concern about this popular drug because it was relatively cheap and easily produced in home “labs.” This resulted in large numbers of “meth” addicts. It also presented a danger to communities in another way because the chemical process used to produce meth was hazardous. It produced toxic fumes and the process was potentially explosive.

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Partnerships help prevent local meth use

CO - Kent MacLennan, executive director of the Colorado Meth Project, discusses the dangers of methamphetamine use during a program last week at Brush Middle School. (Jesse Chaney/News-Tribune)Officials from the Colorado Meth Project plan to  partner with local  organizations for an effort  to  curb Morgan  County’s disproportionately  high  rate of methamphetamine use. “It is a predominantly rural drug,” Colorado Meth Project Executive Director Kent MacLennan said during an Oct. 28 program at Brush Middle School. MacLennan said the percentage of Morgan County residents admitted to rehabilitation programs for methamphetamine use in 2008 was three times higher than the state average.
He said new research indicates that 38 percent of Colorado’s teens and young adults have access to methamphetamine, which has been offered to 31 percent of them.

Full story, Brush News Tribune

Families lost: Children in state custody due to parents meth use

FL - Seven people were arrested at a meth lab in Columbia County on Monday afternoon. Columbia County deputies said they went to a home in the 100 block of Northwest Bond Court in White Springs about 1 p.m. after receiving information from a concerned citizen regarding possible drug activity at the home. Detectives said when they arrived, they saw several items in the yard that were used in the clandestine manufacture of methamphetamine. After obtaining a search warrant, detectives said they searched the home and the surrounding property for evidence, and they said they found multiple ingredients for making methamphetamine, chemicals and other paraphernalia. Detectives said they also found a 2-year-old child in the home where meth was actively being manufactured.

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