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Latest news: 11-08-2010

Meth issues intensify

OK - Six years ago, illicit mom-and-pop labs producing methamphetamine began disappearing across Oklahoma after passage of innovative legislation. The new law required purchasers of cold remedies containing pseudoephedrine, an ingredient used in homemade meth, to sign in with their pharmacists. The law also limited the amount of pseudoephedrine tablets individuals could purchase. While the change inconvenienced legitimate users of certain tablet allergy medications, the new law became an effective tool against meth-makers. Seizure of drug labs dropped by 95 percent. More than 30 states and the federal government proposed laws to adopt the model.

Full story, Tulsa World

State leads Nation in meth lab siezures ....again

MO - It's looking like 2010 will mark the 10th consecutive year that Missouri leads the nation in the number meth labs confiscated by police. As the Southeast Missourian reports today, Missouri law enforcement has seized more than 1,400 meth labs through September -- an 8 percent increase over the same point last year. At this pace, Missouri police could bust more than 2,000 meth labs by year's end.

Full story, River Front Times

Naked meth head makes un-wanted wake up call

AZ - Picture your morning routine. Now picture it with a naked meth-head yelling and banging on the front door of your house. That's what some people in a Surprise neighborhood woke up to last week, and, needless to say, the man was arrested. Surprise police got a call just before 8 a.m. on October 29, that a man, 21-year-old William Hughes, was naked and raising hell at houses in the 15800 block of West Gelding Drive. Police say Hughes was seen yelling and banging on the doors of at least four homes in the area, all while completely naked.

Full story, The Phoenix New Times

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