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Latest news: 11-09-2010

Rolling meth labs: driving with a bomb on board

GA - Rolling meth labs are so dangerous that a person might as well be driving with a bomb on board. That's why police recently evacuated a swath of downtown Conyers, closed an elementary school and shut down a stretch of road late last month when police discovered ingredients used to make meth in the back of a pickup truck. If the suspects had actively been cooking meth in a bottle at the time, the results could have been disastrous. "If you were to take the top off real fast it would explode," said Sgt. James Carson of the Conyers Police Department. "One of these [bottles] could blow up a whole car."

Full story, Police One

Meth labs are evolving

IN - The garage on Indiana Avenue looks ordinary: flat paint, weathered roof, beat-up door. But last month, local narcotics officers searching the garage found a meth lab and items used in the making of the drug inside - the 20th lab found in St. Joseph County this year, a new record. Last year, Indiana state police seized 15 meth labs in St. Joseph County, and 12 in 2008. Those yearly increases, said Indiana State Trooper Jeff Wampler, match what is happening across the state, as meth lab discoveries have been steadily increasing. “Overall, meth labs are increasing everywhere,” said Wampler, who serves in the state police's Bremen post and works with meth investigations. “The problem is you have someone who learns to how to make it, and he teaches 10 people how to do it.”

Full story, The South Bend Tribune

Family blames baby's death on mothers meth use

OK - Family members of baby Maggie, who was found dead in the washing machine inside her family’s apartment, asked FOX23 not reveal their identity’s. They spoke out Friday, saying this is this is a tragedy unlike anything they could ever imagine. They believe they know the root of this horrible death, and it’s a plauge infecting the whole Bartlesville community. Because of drugs and an unstable history, this woman worried about baby Maggie in the care of her mother, Lyndsey Fiddler.

Full story, FOX23 - TV

Strike force confiscates $45,000 worth of meth

UT - A large quantity of methamphetamine headed from Los Angeles to the streets in Weber County for distribution never made it to the intended recipients. Officers from Weber- Morgan Narcotics Strike Force arrested three men early Friday morning and confiscated 1.5 pounds of meth. "We conducted about a monthlong investigation into a drug-trafficking organization that would transport large quantities of methamphetamine from the Southern California area up to Northern Utah and also into Wyoming," said Sgt. Troy Burnett. "We obtained information that they were going to be transporting a large quantity of methamphetamine to the Weber County area for sale, and we interdicted that through surveillance and other means."

Full story, Standard Examiner

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