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Latest news: 11-10-2010

Office of Drug Control Policy cites new drug threats

IA - A new Iowa report points to signs of an escalating synthetic drug abuse problem and an increase in methamphetamine and marijuana users needing treatment. Iowa’s 2011 Drug Control Strategy, released by the State’s Drug Policy Coordinator, also contains recommendations for addressing Iowa’s latest drug control priorities. “Synthetic drug abuse is the fastest growing category of substance abuse in Iowa, fueled by a continued increase in prescription medicine abuse, a resurgence in meth use and the emergence of synthetic marijuana products such as K2 and its successors,” said Gary Kendell, who also serves as Director of the Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy. “The numbers and types of mood altering drugs is growing exponentially, and so too is the potential for abuse.”

Full story, Iowa Politics

Walking 5000 miles to raise meth awareness

NE - A Washington state man, who embarked on a 5,000 mile cross-country journey to raise awareness of the nation’s methamphetamine problem, was a recent occupant at Cabela’s campground area near its retail store. The journey of Walla Walla’s Richard “Rik” Remus, 39, began years ago when he became addicted to methamphetamine. For seven years, Remus used the drug and watched as he lost everything near and dear to him. Then he sought help.

Full story, The Sun-Telegraph

Drug dog haul reaches $1 million

GA - Just four years ago, Lou was like a lot of dogs — needing to be rescued from an animal shelter. Not only did the black Labrador Retriever get rescued, he is a superstar on the Rome-Floyd Metro Task Force. Lou’s work has resulted in the seizure of $1 million in drugs and assets during his four years of service, the task force reported Tuesday. A little more than a month after he was rescued from the Paulding County Animal Shelter in June 2006, Lou and his handler, John Koehler, found seven pounds of crystal methamphetamine, also known as ICE, during a search.

Full story, Rome News-Tribune

Mom who used meth while pregnant sentenced for child abuse

SD - A 31-year-old Rapid City woman whose baby was born with methamphetamine in its system last August was sentenced for child abuse and possession of methamphetamine Tuesday. Brandy Laboucane gave up her child for adoption after its birth, but just two months later she was found asleep at the wheel of a car and arrested for methamphetamine possession. Pennington County deputy state's attorney Gina Nelson recommended two concurrent 10 year sentences for Laboucane to "keep the community safe." After listening to Laboucane's attorney and the defendant explain that she has been sober for one year, 7th Circuit Judge John Delaney said a year of sobriety while behind bars is not enough.

Full story, Rapid City Journal

Numbers show "Meth Check" program is working

FL - They say it's a citizen's duty to be informed about what is going on in their community. That's why the "Concerned American Patriots of North Bay" invited Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen to speak about his current initiatives during their meeting at the Southport Community Center Tuesday night. The sheriff focused on the battle against meth labs and the effectiveness of the "Meth Check" program which tracks and limits the purchase of cold medicine used to make the drug. In the 12 month period prior to the "Meth Check" program there were 73 meth lab busts in the county. In the 12 month period after the program was put in place there were 57 labs found. That is a decline of 22 percent. The presentation also included the dangerous mental and physical effects of the drug, as well as the common ingredients and methods used to make it.

Full story, WJHG - TV

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