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Latest news: 11-16-2009

County's anti-meth groups could join forces

Kingman, AZ - Representatives from two of Kingman's most active anti-drug councils are meeting to see if their missions need to be realigned.

Both the Kingman Meth Coalition and the Mohave County Substance Abuse Treatment Education Prevention Partnership (MSTEPP) agree that each group's biggest goal is getting a treatment facility somewhere - anywhere - in Mohave County.

Full story, The Kingman Daily Miner

Housing project plagued by meth

San Francisco, CA - 363 Noe Street was a haven for some of San Francisco’s most vulnerable residents, a small housing project reserved for the elderly and the disabled. Its design may be spartan, but for 22 residents — many of them proverbial little old ladies — it was a safe home.

Then a few years ago it all began to fall apart. Olga Stromberg — a woman of a certain age with jet-black hair that obscures her years — remembers when the signs of trouble started four years ago. A prostitute walking the hallway. Junkies passed out in stairwells. Strange chemical smells. The dangerous illegal drug crystal methamphetamine had come into their building.

Full story, The New York Times

Man arrested outside mall for selling meth, other drugs to kids

IL - A man is arrested in the Eastland Mall parking lot after police say he tried to sell drugs to kids.

The juveniles involved told mall security that Christopher Swango was following them around, trying to sell them Xanex, marijuana, meth, and cocaine.

When Swango was confronted by police, they say he fought with officers and tried to escape.

Officers say, when they found a pill on Swango, he became physically violent, striking his head against the window of the police car and kicking the door. Police say he also kicked an officer.

Swango is charged with dealing drugs, battery on law enforcement, public intoxication, and resisting arrest.


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