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Latest news: 11-17-2009

Study says violent injuries more likely with meth

San Diego, CA - A new study showed 55 percent of homicides and suicide cases in San Diego involved methamphetamine, 10News reported.

Four years ago, Claudia Sinkule's daughter, Nicole, was killed by her boyfriend who was addicted to meth.

Full story, KGTV-TV

Unsafe needle practices for meth, other drugs reported in survey

An estimated 425,000 U.S. residents aged 12 or older used a needle to inject heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, or other stimulants during the past year, according to combined data from the 2006, 2007, and 2008 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH).

Many of these injection drug users reported engaging in unsafe needle practices the last time they injected drugs. The majority (71.0%) did not clean their needle with bleach before using it. Approximately one-half (51.0%) reused a needle they had used before and 17.7% reported that someone else used their needle after them.

Full story, Center for Substance Abuse Research

Iowa's prison population boom slows, meth lab convictions drop

IA - Iowa's prison population is continuing to show signs of a slowdown after exploding by 151 percent over the past two decades.

A state report issued Monday forecast that by 2019, the state's nine prisons will hold 9,025 inmates, up 8.2 percent from the 8,340 convicts behind bars now. That's a dramatic reduction in growth compared with the previous 20 years, which saw Iowa build three new state prisons in Clarinda, Fort Dodge and Newton. The inmate population has soared from 3,322 inmates in 1989.

Full story, Des Moines Register

Meth dealer took care of addict's baby

Salt Lake City, UT - Going on a tip that a baby was being held by a drug dealer, police raided a North Salt Lake residence to find the nine-month-old baby that they were told had been left there by the mother. "We actually had information that there may be a child in one of these homes that did not belong to the drug dealer and we did confirm that once we made entry into the home," said Lt. Don Hutson from the Salt Lake County Sheriff's. Police arrested Alma Castilla, 38, who was found with the child, for illegal drug distribution.

Castilla told police that she had been in possession of the baby for at least a week and said that the mother had given her the baby to care for and not for payment of drugs.

Full story, KSTU-TV

Nine people arrested for meth activity

Cullman County, AL - Cullman County narcotics agents arrested nine individuals in the Longview community who were allegedly found sitting around an active meth lab Friday.

According to Cullman County Sheriff’s reports, deputies charged Steven Burks, 33, Anthony Wayne Barbee, 40, Jessica Amanda Farr, 21, Jason Ray James, 33, Jessica Lynn McBrayer, 28, Sarah Leanne Presnell, 25, Timothy Shawn Riggs, 42, Michael Anthony Thornton, 33, and Peggy Mae Thornton, 22, all with unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance in the first degree.

Full story, Cullman Times

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