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Latest news: 11-19-2009

Teacher, police officer among meth arrests

The teacher: An eighth-grade Metro Nashville, TN, math teacher was arrested at a Wilson County rest stop Sunday for possessing crystal methamphetamine.Jeffrey Todd Chafin, 38, was spotted by police changing clothes outside his car at the westbound rest area on Interstate 40. According to a police report, Chafin had needle marks on both arms and appeared nervous. Police searched his car and found used syringes and a plastic bag of meth. Full story, The Tennesseean

The officer: An officer with the Topeka Police Department has been arrested on preliminary meth-related charges following a two-month investigation. Deputy Marshal Zachary P. Miller, 28, of Topeka, in lodged in the LaGrange County jail on preliminary charges of conspiracy to deal in methamphetamine, a class A felony, and three counts of official misconduct, all class D felonies. Full story, The Elkhart Truth

Upscale Toronto neighborhood home to meth lab

A strong chemical smell led police to a commercial drug lab hidden in an upscale neighborhood in Toronto's north end Wednesday. Toronto firefighters were first to arrive after "a very observant neighbor" complained about a "very strong chemical smell" coming from the duplex, Toronto Police drug squad Staff Insp. Mario Di Tommaso said. The red-brick structure, which sits next to a small park, was being used as a drug lab in one half and a storage unit for chemicals in the other, Di Tommaso said. No one was in the building a no arrests were made.

Full story, the Toronto Sun

Poet recounts incident with neighboring meth lab

It came through the vents - a very foul, most chemical odor!
Our heat - even the very AIR felt heavy- and dry -
like we were covered with noxious baking soda!
Our bodies began to bloat and, worse, to swell.
Our thoughts began to ramble,come undone -
why? - no one we asked could us tell.

Read the whole poem, Birminghamn PressConnects

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