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Latest news: 11-19-2010

Pseudoephedrine restrictions negatively affects near-by state

LA - A change in a Mississippi law is leading to a rise in methamphetamine activity in Louisiana. "We have seen an uptick," St. Tammany Sheriff Jack Strain said about crystal meth activity. "There's no question we've seen an uptick." On July 1, a new Mississippi law went into effect making any product containing pseudoephedrine available only by prescription. Pseudoephedrine is the primary ingredient in the production of crystal meth. It's contained in many popular cold medicines, including Sudafed. That law is making buying meth products difficult in Mississippi, and narcotics deputies believe that is bringing increased meth activity to the northshore.

Full story, WWLT - TV

Tech students organizing aid for displaced children

TN - Tech students are organizing Comforts of Home to aid children removed from homes by the Putnam County Meth Task Force.  Tech students Donathan Knowles, Jessie Stidham, Jodi Lawrence, Josh Girling, Ravi Patel and Whitney Tayes are using the motivation of their Group Dynamics class semester-goal assignment to make a difference in the Putnam County community. These students have formed Comforts of Home, a project that compiles bags of survival supplies for children that are removed from meth homes by the Department of Children's Services.

Full story, The Oracle

Sheriff has his son arrested on drug charge

ID - The son of Sheriff Rick Layher has been arrested on a felony drug charge for possession of methamphetamine. The investigation of John Layer, 27, was instigated by Sheriff Layher. John had been living at his father's home when the sheriff discovered some drug paraphernalia there. After turning the information over to his own officers, Layher also requested that the Idaho State Police, an independent law enforcement agency, conduct an investigation and a search of his home Thursday.

Full story, Mountain Home News

Young students with 'found' meth busted at school

NM - Two Roswell boys were in jail Friday morning after being busted with meth at Mesa Middle School Thursday. Roswell police said one of the boys found what he thought was a baggie of cocaine at his bus stop. He then gave it to his friend who was caught with the bag by a teacher. Police were called and found that it was actually a small amount of meth. The two teens were arrested and face felony charges.
Police say the students should have turned in the drugs immediately:

Full story, KRQU - TV

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