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Latest news: 11-24-2009

Mexican gangs bringing meth to tribal reservations

Mexican gang leaders have found new territory to conquer -- expansive American Indian reservations where populations are often low-income and police presence low.

Methamphetamine use has skyrocketed in tribal communities where addiction rates to alcohol and other substances are traditionally high.

Full story, Scripps News

Meth, other drugs easy to find on Vancouver's streets

Vancouver, Canada - A strong majority of illicit drug users in Vancouver say they can score crack or crystal meth within minutes, suggests the findings of a ten-year study by an independent B.C. health research group.

The report, released at a news conference in Vancouver Tuesday, suggests 90 per cent of respondents said they could obtain crack or cocaine within ten minutes.

Full story, The Vancouver Sun

Rolling meth lab catches fire

Benton County, TN - Making methamphetamine doesn’t require an elaborate laboratory any more. It is now possible to make it while driving down the road. There is a catch though. There is a high degree of probability that you will produce an explosion that could cost you your life or destroy your personal possessions.

This point was made perfectly clear to three people in Benton County this past week when the automobile they were in burst into flames. Laura Lynn Henderson, Lindsay Laughter, and Channon Williams were riding down Mt. Carmel Road in a Pontiac Grand Prix that belonged to Henderson. Williams was reportedly in the back seat mixing chemicals that are used in the production of methamphetamine when the bag containing the chemicals caught fire. Although the incident is still under investigation, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office feels they have a fairly clear picture about what took place.

Full story, The Camden Chronicle

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