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Latest news: 11-24-2010

State joins others restricting pseudoephedrine purchases

PA - Legislation limiting the sale of certain over-the-counter cold medications commonly used by criminals to illegally manufacture methamphetamine was signed into law this week, announced Rep. Matt Baker (R-Bradford/Tioga), author of the legislation. Baker said he was inspired to author this legislation following the tragic murder of two deputy sheriffs serving warrants to an individual involved with meth production in Bradford County a few years ago. "I am so pleased that this legislation has become law and that we can now strengthen oversight of the legal medication that could possibly be used for the production of this illicit drug," said Baker. "Meth addiction is a growing trend, especially in rural areas of the state. By putting measures in place to limit access to one of the drug's primary ingredients, I am hopeful we can start to reduce its production."

Full story, WETM - TV

Program aimed at dealing with meth lab clean-ups

VA - When Brandon Lewis stepped into his new role as the head of the Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Program, he knew he would have his hands full. In 2008, around 40 labs were reported and Lewis was in charge of making sure those properties were cleaned up and deemed safe before anyone set foot in them again. This year, 129 labs have already been reported. "It's nothing to see it on the news everyday," said Lewis "You will never get rid of it."He describes the Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Program as sort of a project behind the scenes.

Full story, WSAZ - TV

Meth makers secret recipe written in Bible

IN - Police investigators say they found the recipe for making methamphetamine in an odd place: in a Bible on the last page of the Book of Revelation. Officers made discovery as they searched an apartment after arresting two people on methamphetamine possession and manufacturing charges Tuesday night. Police Lt. Ed Windbigler said the recipe was handwritten on the bottom of the page. Because there was an active meth lab in the apartment, officers evacuated the building's other 18 residents.

Full story, The Washington Examiner

Man walking 5000 miles for meth awareness closer to home

NE - One man's victorious battle with drug addiction takes him across the country as he shares his story. Rik Remus is walking through the heartland to raise awareness about the dangers of meth.  The Washington state native and recovering addict started his 5 week, 5,000 mile journey in Idaho. He's passing through our area en route to Alabama. Then he's turning around to his finish line in San Diego, California.

Full story, NTV

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