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Latest news: 12-1-2009

$17 million grant will fund meth, HIV research

La Jolla, CA - The link between methamphetamine use and HIV infection has been well-documented in recent years.

By lowering inhibitions and altering judgment abilities, the illicit drug opens the door to unsafe sex and potential exposure to the virus that causes AIDS.

Full story, The San Diego Union-Tribune

Meth Project rated one of best foundations

MT - The Meth Project Foundation has been ranked among the top foundations worldwide by Barron’s Magazine.

Barron’s and Global Philanthropy Group rated scores of philanthropists on such criteria as innovation, quality of alliances with other groups, the effects of their giving and the extent to which their projects can be replicated.

Full story, Billings Gazette

Texas university scores grant to study meth

Austin, TX - Dr. Jane Maxwell of The University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work has received a two-year $418,000 grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to monitor the changing methamphetamine market in the Austin area.

Maxwell will survey active drugs users about their patterns of use, reasons for using and their sources of drugs in Austin. The research will help explain the relationship between the supply of a drug and the demands of its users.

Full story, The University of Texas at Austin

California county looks at strategies to tackle meth

Kern County, CA - Methamphetamine is at the root of one out of three crimes in Kern County, and tomorrow, county mental health officials will present the Kern County Board of Supervisors with some proposals to do something about it.

Methamphetamine is cheap, accessible and most kids get hooked before they reach high school. The county wants to wage a war on the drug by using all hands on deck. A 18-year-old named Ryane at Teen Challenge thinks the county is making a good move by trying to target a young audience.

Full story, KGET-TV

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