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Latest news: 12-01-2010

Raging war against meth

TN - The fight against methamphetamine will rage on two fronts next year - one on the streets and one on the legislative floor. "We're doing a good job with the tools we've got, but is it sustainable?" Tommy Farmer, director of the Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force, asked leaders of anti-drug coalitions from around the state Tuesday. "We changed the law, and the addicts adjusted. Will they adjust again? Someday they will." Police around Tennessee reported seizing nearly 1,700 suspected meth labs through October - already the highest number in the state's history. Authorities expect the year's final total could be around 2,000.

Full story, Knoxville News Sentinel

Students take part in National Meth Awareness day

HI - Ewa Beach resident Anthony Marrero had hoped his adult daughter would have joined the family for dinner on Thanksgiving. But she never showed. To Marrero it was another sign of his daughter's destructive relationship with crystal methamphetamine, or "ice." Marrero said he and his family have tried everything to help her overcome her addiction to ice, but nothing has worked.

Full story, Star Advertiser

Dad accused of smoking meth with seven year old son

NV - A 10-year-old boy asked a district judge Tuesday to keep his father, who made him use methamphetamine, from hurting him anymore. "I want to forget that you are my dad,'' said the boy, Morgan, testifying at Rob Bassett's sentencing. "I want to forget that I know him. He wasn't a good dad to me. He doesn't love me. All Rob has done is scare me. Please don't let him hurt me again." Bassett in July pleaded guilty to one felony count of child abuse and neglect four days before his trial was to begin. In February 2008 Bassett, 39, and Morgan, then 7, both tested positive for meth. Authorities said Bassett, had primary custody of the boy at the time.

Full story, The Review-Journal

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