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Latest news: 12-02-2010

Authorities battle Mexican drug cartels business plans

CO - In four years, Mexico's escalating drug violence has claimed almost 30,000 lives and focused attention on border states like California and Arizona. But as correspondent Tom Bearden reports from Colorado Springs, the conflict is having a far-reaching effect.

Full story, PBS

State with record meth labs seizures may lose task force

TN - Two Tennessee programs targeting illegal drugs may be in danger under the proposed federal spending freeze. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said a freeze could mean the end of Tennessee's Methamphetamine Task Force and a downsizing of the Governor's marijuana eradication program. This year, the state is on pace to set a record for meth labs seized by police. The Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force is funded solely by the federal government. At stake is more than $3 million a year.

Full story, WTVF - TV

Border patrol stops meth from hitting U.S. streets

AZ - Border Patrol agents have stopped 13 pounds of meth from making it to the streets and arrested one smuggler. Agents said a dog alerted them to a truck at the Blythe Station checkpoint on Highway 95 on Tuesday. Inspectors found 12 small packages of methamphetamine inside. They say the meth would be worth about $307,000 on the streets.

Full story, KPHO - TV

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