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Latest news: 12-4-2009

Age progression software shows meth's effects

Imperial, MO - Jefferson County Sheriff Oliver "Glenn" Boyer believes showing kids what it's like to age ungracefully will help prevent them from using methamphetamine.

A computer program called Face2Face takes a picture of a person's face then shows how it will look after six months, one year and three years of using meth, a drug that is known for causing skin lesions and sagging, as well as tooth decay.

Full story, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Opinion: Californians don't need pseudoephedrine database

CA - Each time a proposal comes along that would diminish our privacy to further a social good, society's job is to ask whether that good outweighs another stricture on our lives. A proposed state database to track our purchases of various cold and allergy remedies is designed to cut down on illegal methamphetamine manufacture -- a well-intentioned attempt to fight back at a drug that has become a law enforcement nightmare. But this legislation is unlikely to achieve enough benefits to make its downsides worthwhile.

Full story, The Los Angeles Times

Anti-meth campaign will feature student artwork

AZ - The ghoulish actors and actresses featured in state and county sponsored anti-meth campaigns apparently aren't cutting it, so the Attorney General Terry Goddard's office is now turning to children to get the job done.

As part of the Arizona Meth Project's "Not Even Once" campaign, the AG's office is asking seventh and eighth grade students to submit their drawings to the Meth Prevention Poster Contest.

Full story, Phoenix New Times

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