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Latest news: 12-7-2009

Memphis experiencing meth problem

Memphis, TN - Methamphetamine is flooding the Mid-South. It seems the number of meth busts has skyrocketed in the past few months.

Officers with the Memphis Police Organized Crime Unit say the drug is gaining in popularity, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Full story, WPTY-TV, WLMT-TV

Less meth, lower crime rate in Colorado county

Mesa County, CO - It was methamphetamine that brought James Finnegan and Sam Lincoln together Nov. 23, 2005, when the two were part of a group of people smoking the drug that morning.

It was meth that blew them apart just hours later when Lincoln, believing Finnegan had ratted out a drug dealer wanted for shooting and killing another man over a drug debt, drove the 20-year-old man out to the desert north of Grand Junction and shot him five times. Finnegan survived but was permanently disfigured.

Full story, The Daily Sentinel

Connecticut relieved at absence of meth

Waterbury, CT - Law enforcement and drug treatment professionals hope Connecticut continues to lead a charmed life when it comes to methamphetamine, an often home-cooked drug that has ravaged lives across the country.

Discovery of suspected ingredients in the ground floor apartment in Torrington on Wednesday prompted firefighters to temporarily clear the building for safety. On Thursday, state chemists were unable to immediately confirm, or rule out, the makings of the highly addictive stimulant, which was boarded up after they left.

Full story, Hartford Courant

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