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Latest news: 12-07-2010

8-month-old baby found in meth lab

CA - Police in Jackson busted a mobile meth lab with an eight-month-old baby inside. Acting on a tip, police staked out a home and, when a car left, they followed it. Officers pulled the driver over near Francis Street and say they found meth in glass jars and meth making equipment. They say the drugs were in the back seat next to the baby. Authorities say the mother and her boyfriend admitted to cooking and selling meth to come up with money for Christmas.The infant was taken to the hospital for a drug test. The woman's four-year-old daughter, who was not in the car, was also tested. Both children were removed from the home.


Neighbors shaken by meth lab explosion

AR - Jerry Mastro and his two kids lived to tell about a meth lab explosion right across the street that rocked their West Memphis home. "They thought it was one of their video game explosions," explained Jerry. "There was a helicopter in the game that exploded and the house shook," says his son Austin.
The blast was so strong it tore down the garage door, moved around the car and boat inside the garage and blew the sheetrock off the wall. Part of the house even went up in flames."I saw smoke was billowing out the top," remembered Mastro. Police say homeowner Donald Butler, his cousin Thomas and Darla Freeman sparked the explosion while cooking-up meth early Sunday morning in either the garage or the attic.

Story and video, WREG TV

Iowa pharmacies help block 10,000 'smurfs'

IA - A new computerized tracking system has stopped more than 10,000 people who attempted to buy products containing a cold medicine used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. The Globe Gazette in Mason City reports that in the first two months after the new tracking system went online in September, there were 228,253 purchases of products containing pseudoephedrine, found in many cold medicines. Of those, the system blocked 10,425 purchases. The system, called the National Precursor Log Exchange, tracks individuals and limits purchases to once a day with a monthly maximum of 7,500 milligrams in a 30-day period. People can exceed the limit with a doctor's prescription. All of Iowa's 642 pharmacies participate in the program.

Full story, Chicago Tribune`

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